Annual Meetings

This year the Society decided to continue to partner with the American Academy of Religion, which is holding its Annual Meeting online. The society’s 2020 Annual Meeting will be conducted virtually, December 2-3.

We will be using the AAR platform for our panels, and therefore you must register for the AAR Annual Meeting to participate.

2020 Annual Meeting Program

Wednesday, December 2
9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. EST

Theme: Politics and Religions in India: Religious Freedom for all Citizens of India

This panel will address the issue of religious freedom in a political climate in which a version of Hinduism is being promoted which seems to delegitimize other well-established religions and to increase social conflict. How should religion scholars understand and respond to this situation?


Edward Ulrich (University of Saint Thomas): “The Emergence of the Rhetoric of Hindu-Muslim Strife in India’s Independence Movement”

Jose Abraham: “Victimisation and Ghettoisation: A Girardian Reading of Recent Communal Violence in Delhi”

Anant Rambachan (Saint Olaf University): “Savarkar and Indian identity”

Fuad S. Naeem (University of St. Thomas): “Examining the Roots of Religious Conflict in Modern South Asia: British colonialism and Hindu-Muslim polemics”

Chad Bauman (Butler University): “Constraining the Majority: Religious Freedom, ‘Essential Practices,’ and the Government Administration of Temples in India”

Responding: Michael T. McLaughlin (Old Dominion University)

Contact: Michael T. McLaughlin


Thursday, December 3
4:00 – 6:00 p.m. EST

Theme: The Significance of Sri Ramakrishna for Hindu-Christian Studies: New Perspectives


Jeffery Long (Elizabethtown College)          
Rita Sherma (Graduate Theological Union)
Christopher Conway (College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University)
Pravrajika Vrajaprana (Vedanta Society of Southern California)
Responding: Reid Locklin (University of Toronto)

Contact: Reid Locklin

The AAR is using EventPilot Virtual Events as its platform. All sessions will be on Zoom. There will be a technician at each panel and that person will be the Zoom host. It is the presider, however, who will welcome, mute, and unmute participants, and moderate comments during Q and A.

We will hold our business meeting at the conclusion of the Wednesday panel, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Those interested in becoming more involved in the Society are invited to attend. Keep in mind that it is at the business meeting that we begin the process of planning panels for the following Annual Meeting. If you have a panel idea that you would like to advocate for or organize, please do attend.

Past Annual Meetings

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2013 Baltimore, Maryland

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